Tanjung Datu National Park

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Tanjung Datu may be the smallest of Sarawak’s National Parks, at just under 14 sq km, but it is also one of the most beautiful. Located at the south-western tip of Sarawak on the Datu Peninsula, Tanjung Datu is one of Sarawak’s less accessible natural parks, but its relative remoteness is one of its main attractions. Tanjung Datu’s animal life is equally rich and varied. Notable amongst the hundreds of bird species are at least three types of Hornbill, as well as peacocks. Primates include Bornean Gibbons, Pig-Tailed Macaques, Long-Tailed (or Crab-Eating) Macaques, and Silvered and Banded Langurs (or Leaf Monkeys). Bearded Pigs, Sambar Deer, Mouse Deer, Barking Deer, Bearcats, Civet Cats and various species of squirrel are amongst the land mammals that may occasionally be seen here.

Reptile species include a variety of ground and tree lizards, as well as Pit Vipers and Tree Snakes, but Tanjung Datu’s greatest contribution to reptile conservation is its role as a marine turtle nesting site. Highly endangered Green Turtles and Olive Ridley Turtles regularly lay their eggs on the park’s beaches.

There is no road access to Tanjung Datu. Access is by boat from the nearby village of Telok Melano (15 mins), or on foot via the Telok Melano – Telok Upas – Tanjung Datu HQ Trail (2½ hrs). Telok Melano itself is however accessible by road (30-min) from the town of Sematan, about 2½ hrs drive from Kuching.

Note: This tour is not possible to go by boat from nearby village during the monsoon season from October to February due to rough sea condition. Hiking to & fro will be the only option during these season.

Package 1

This is a full day tour, departing your hotel at 7am for the 116 km road trip to Sematan, around 1.5 hours. At Sematan there is an interesting local market where you can spend some time relaxing before continuing the journey to Tanjung Datu. A picnic lunch will be provided (please note that there is no canteen facility available) but you might like to purchase some snacks or fruit at the Sematan market.

On arrival at Tanjung Datu your guide will be able to accompany you on one of the walking trails, or you can spend an idyllic few hours at the beach. You will return to your hotel by 6pm.

Includes English speaking guide, return transportation (land and boat), entrance fee, lunch, drinking water

Adult – RM 600 per person
Child – RM 420 per person

Duration: Full day

Package 2

Depart from your hotel at 0900am. Includes English speaking guide, return transportation (land and boat), 1 night accommodation at the forest hut (with basic amenities like mosquito net, mattress, pillow and blanket), meals, drinking water

Adult – RM 800 per person
Child – RM 560 per child

Duration: 2 Days 1 Night

Package 3

This is a 3D2N package with overnight accommodation either both nights at Tanjung Datu OR 1 night Telok Melano & 1 night at Tanjung Datu. Includes English speaking guide, return transportation (land and boat), 2 nights accommodation, meals, drinking water

Adult – RM 950 per person
Child – RM 660 per child

Duration: 3 Days 2 Nights


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