About Us

Amansar Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd. is licensed by the Malaysian Federal Ministry of Tourism (No.KPL/LN7011.) Based in Kuching, Sarawak, we specialise in inbound travel to Borneo and are proficient in arranging all your ground requirements for a smooth and relaxing stay. We are able to offer competitive outbound fares via our network of local ticketing agents. Amansar has also developed an extensive network of travel agents in many overseas destinations and can offer our partner services to you for outbound accommodation and tours.

We are experienced in providing tours for a diverse range of guests – solo travellers, families, groups of all sizes whether they be small or large, retirees, school students, professionals and corporate clients.

We are able to supply a range of transport options for your convenience, from sedans, 4WD vehicles, or chauffeur limousines, and we have a fleet of 12 seat vans as well as a 40 seat tour coach available for hire.

The Amansar staff is a dedicated team of experienced travel experts who will assist you to fulfill your travel dreams. Discover virgin wilderness in our highlands for a pure experience of nature’s treasures. Glide down the majestic Sarawak river to a longhouse community. Be captivated by the world’s biggest flower, the rafflesia, found only in Borneo and Sumatra. Experience the adventurous thrills of rafting, trekking, caving, or mountain biking. And don’t forget to relax in the friendly colonial ambience of Kuching. Whatever you do, Amansar’s trained tour guides will ensure personal and professional attention to all your needs.