Homestay destinations can be day tours if you wish, but to truly experience the warm hospitality of Sarawak’s people, stay overnight with a family in a peaceful village environ. Homestay is the heart of Sarawak culture. We promise you will be sad to say goodbye to your host family, and will look forward to a return visit!

There are many options to choose from for a wonderful homestay experience. Homestay families are carefully chosen and are usually village commitments as hosts to ensure a friendly and inviting atmosphere. 

Typical activities include jungle trekking, often along rivers to waterfalls, collecting jungle food and cooking local dishes with the family, and learning about Bidayuh culture and heritage. By spending quality time with your host family you will discover the daily village routines and customs. Homestay is a very special opportunity.

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Sample Itinerary

Day 1 : Peraya Homestay  (Lunch, Dinner)

0830hrs meet at hotel lobby and transfer for an hour journey to reach the village. Upon arrival, introduce to the host family and tour around the village by local guide to know the history of the village. Sirin river within Peraya village are being protected from fishing activities and fish feeding can be done to experience the friendliness of the fish here. Lunch and continue with jungle trekking beautiful rainforest, visiting the ancestral tribal ground where it forest have being replace with fruit trees in the past and continue to visit waterfall. Back in late evening, dinner and settle for the night.

Day 2 : Traditional Bamboo Rafting (Breakfast, Lunch)

Breakfast at the homestay. After breakfast, we invite you to see the Borneo Rainforest from a fresh perspective, away from the heavily trodden trails. Be your own captain in a bamboo raft or traditional kayak, paddling through class 1 and II water. Your guide will instruct you on river navigation and safety procedures making you feel at home in the turquoise, glacier fed rivers of the Sirin. You may also choose to split your group into adventurous and scenic rafters to create optimum enjoyment for each individual. Between rapids our guides will share the river’s secrets like local history, fish spawning habits, Native Borneo plant usage and introduce you to the Peninsula’s invigorating outdoors.

There lies in the lush vast forest plentiful of the wild vegetables and ferns. Follow the local’s folks to harvest these vegetables where hence the skilful arts of cooking in bamboo still hold story in the tribe tradition. Rafting down after lunch to reach the destination and transfer back to Kuching city hotel.

English speaking guide, return land transfers, tours, meals as stated, entrances fees and accommodation as stated in the program only.

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