Batang Ai National Park

The Batang Ai National Park connects with the Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary and the Bentuang-Karimun NP in Kalimantan Indonesia, so that in total these 3 parks cover 10,000 sq kms. It is a totally protected region and Batang Ai is the only area open to visitors. You must be accompanied by a registered tour guide or a Park Ranger. There are 5 hiking trails: two are easy (up to 3 hours), one is moderate (4 hours), and the remaining two are 6 hour treks requiring a high level of fitness. All the hiking trails end at pick-up points for longboat transport back to the Park HQ.

On the southern perimeter of the Batang Ai National Park there is an artificial lake created as an hydroelectric reservoir, with 4 major rivers feeding into it.

Batang Ai is a sanctuary for the highest density of wild orangutan in Borneo, as well as many other rare and endangered animals. Primates include gibbons, langurs, macques, western tarsier, and slow loris. Mammals include the clouded leopard, civet cats, sun bears, bearded pigs, deer, mouse deer, martens, weasels, otters, porcupines, and squirrels. Birds include 5 of Sarawak’s 8 hornbill species, pheasants, firebacks, partridges, nightjars, kingfishers, kites, hawks, and too many canopy-dwelling birds to list! There are also 13 species of snakes, 12 species of lizards, river turtles, 52 species of frogs and more than 80 species of fish!

The remarkable biodiversity of over 1,000 tree species and 200 herbs, shrubs and climbers have maintained the local Iban population for centuries. They use the 140 different medicinal plants, and eat from the 114 fruit and 36 vegetable varieties that flourish in the park.

There is no accommodation at Batang Ai National Park itself, but there are some Iban longhouses on the edge of the reservoir. Check out our Longhouse packages here.

There are no cafeteria facilities so it is essential to bring ample food and water supplies.

For a day tour or overnight package tour to Batang Ai please contact us for a current costing.


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