Kubah National Park

Kubah National Park is located 22km from Kuching and has 3 mountains which are visible from Kuching – Mt Serapi, Mt Selang, and Mt Sendok. It is a 2,230 hectare park, rich with an abundance of palms, primary rainforest, orchids, clear jungle streams, and beautiful waterfalls with natural swimming pools. The wildlife found in Kubah includes more than 50 species of birds, sambar deer, kancil mouse deer, civets, porcupines, squirrels, amphibians and reptiles. There are seven walking trails to choose from, ranging from one hour return treks from the Park HQ up to 7 hours.

A special feature at Kubah is it’s natural frog pond which is home to 61 species of frogs! In 2012 a new species was discovered, and it also boasts the smallest species of frog in the world! Check out Amansar’s evening tour to the Kubah frog pond, a unique experience not to be missed.

Kubah has a range of good accommodation if you wish to stay overnight. Please let us know if you’d like to stay for a night or two. Note that Kubah does not have a cafeteria, so you will need to bring your own food & water supplies.


Package 1

Guided walk on one of the shorter trails, depending on what you would like to see. Departure from your hotel at 0800hrs and this tour includes return transport from your hotel, an English-speaking guide, entry fees, drinking water. It is advisable to bring a change of clothes, a small towel & insect repellent.

Duration: 6 hours


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