Serikin Border Market

Serikin Border Market – every Saturday and Sunday from 7am onwards.

Serikin is located on the border of Kalimantan, Indonesia, a little over one hours drive from Kuching. The traders are mostly from Kalimantan, crossing over into Sarawak on Friday nights to set up their stalls. There are lots of bargains to be found at this market – fabrics, wood carvings, rattan handicrafts, Indonesian batik, souvenirs, wood carvings, jewellery and plenty of clothing – and bargain you must! Bidayuh traders sell their jungle produce and operate food stalls. Serikin is a favourite market destination, attracting many visitors, both locally and from overseas.

Duration: 4 hours. Departure from your hotel at your convenience, although an early departure at 7.30am is recommended to arrive in Serikin and enjoy the market before it gets too hot.

Highly recommended: combine this tour with our Wind Cave Nature Reserve and Fairy Cave tour.

Duration: 6 hours


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