Serian Market

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The town of Serian is located 65 kms from Kuching and is about a 45 minute drive. It is a Bidayuh town that has long served as a community meeting point where the rural Bidayuh villagers can exchange their goods and catch up on the local news and affairs. The colourful, thriving farmers market is roofed and sells a variety of exotic jungle produce, such as seasonal fruit (look out for the mata kuching – cat’s eye), edible ferns, sago worms, and bush honey just to name a few.

Serian is famous for its durian fruit, reputed to be the best in Sarawak. In the middle of the market there is a huge durian statue in honour of the “king of fruit”.

This tour includes a relaxing stop at the Ranchan Pool waterfall 5 kms from Serian.

Adult – RM 130 per person
Child – RM 70 per child

Remarks: Return transportation only. Depart from your hotel at 0800am

Duration: 4 hours

Highly recommended: a tour guide can accompany you to this market for an extra cost and will be able to explain many of the unusual produce.


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