Santubong Wildlife Cruise

Santubong Wildlife Cruise – 2.5 hours

The Santubong Peninsula extends 10km into the South China Sea and is bordered by the Sarawak River on the South. This cruise takes you down the Santubong River, past the majestic Mount Santubong and into the bay, where pods of Irrawaddy dolphins are often seen especially if there are fishing boats around, as they love to feed off the discarded fish. The boat then heads to the western side of the bay into the Kuching Wetlands National Park.

Wildlife commonly seen on this tour includes proboscis monkeys, estuarine crocodiles, macaque monkeys, mudskippers, fireflies, monitor lizards, silver-leaf monkeys. Other wetlands residents include the Irrawaddy dolphins and a range of bird life like White Belly Eagle, White Eagret, Seagull, Kingfisher and more can be spotted

Wildlife sightings cannot be guaranteed. However, the tour do enjoy a high success rate. The cruise does not operate during rainy weather.




Package 1

Mangrove & Dolphin Watching Cruise 

Depart from your city hotel at 0830hrs to the Santubong boat club. This trip cruises along the Santubong River and plies the Salak River Delta systems, of which, both flow into the South China Sea. In both, one experience a close-up view of the heavily silted mangrove swamp, a haven for its inhabitants of reptilians to crustaceans and fishes: crocodiles, water monitor lizards, otters, mud skippers, mangrove crabs, prawns, edible jellyfish, shell fish, monkeys and more.

The Irrawaddy or snubfin dolphin, inhabits the rivers, estuaries and shallow coastal areas. When seen, they swim and dive around open waters less than 30 meters deep. You will need a keen eye to spot the dolphins and they are best seen when they frolic near local fishing boats that are hauling in the catch!

Includes an English speaking guide, return transportation and boat fee

Duration: 3 hours



Package 2

Santubong Wildlife Cruise 

The cruise starts at the Sarawak Boat Club. From there, your boat cruises to the mouth of the Santubong River. Irrawaddy dolphins may be spotted. En-route, all the while, your boat roams the mangrove-lined rivers looking for wildlife. At the Salak estuary and island, as the light starts to fade, we go in search for the rare proboscis monkey. Small groups are sometimes seen in the treetops at the water edge, settling down for the night. As dusk arrives, we search for fireflies and crocodiles. The boat proceeds further up river where fireflies gather at night. Enjoy the subdued resplendent twinkling of the beetles flying about and around the branches of the mangrove trees.

As we make our way back to the boat club, let’s see what happens when a torch is passed over the riverbanks, wait, are those red bright spots crocodile eyes? in pitch blackness, a bright torch is all one needs to detect crocodiles along the river!

Includes an English speaking guide, return transportation, boat fee and light refreshment

Duration: approximately 3 hours




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