Special Interests

Amansar has created the following individual tour packages to cater for your special interests. However, if your special interest is not listed here, just contact us and we will endeavour to fulfill your request.

Bar hopping

Kuching has a wonderful assortment of eclectic bars, many established in old heritage shopfronts. With makeovers applying clever design elements and chic interior decorating you can enjoy a cold beer, cider or glass of wine while relaxing in the friendly ambience.  This tour will take you to a selection of the best bars and ensure your safe return to your hotel.

Duration: 3 hours, 7pm-10pm with dinner included.

Caving and/or Rock Climbing

You haven’t done caves until you have done Sarawak’s caves! We have many amazing cave sites for the caving enthusiast, from beginners to advanced, and in addition to the physical challenge you will learn about the geology of the caves, the biodiversity of the wildlife within them, and about the local tribes that live in harmony with their natural environment. Led by experienced cavers with all equipment and protective clothing supplied. Be assured that safety is paramount.

The Lobang Batu river caves are located 2 hours drive from Kuching. There is a jungle walk to reach the caves and spectacular views both as you ascend the mountain trail to enter the caves, and also within the caves themselves.

The Gua Sireh cave is an archeological site that is dated 20,000 years ago and located one hour from the city centre. Gua Sireh has rock paintings, several large chambers, and part of the caving is through underground water, clear and refreshing.

For the more adventurous, there is caving incorporating rope descents and long chamber crawls.

Rock climbing and abseiling is done in the vicinity of the Fairy Cave. The activities are graded from easy climbs to more challenging in order to build your confidence.

Duration: all are full day tours.


These tours are leisure cycling at its best! Scenic villages, country roads, pepper plantations, rice fields, fruit and vegetable farms with stops along the way to experience the nature and culture of Sarawak. Longer rides that include overnight homestay accommodation in villages can be arranged for the fit cycling enthusiast.

Bikes and safety helmets are supplied.

Duration: as requested.

Deep Sea Fishing

This is a seasonal tour available from April to October only. Leave port late afternoon for an overnight fishing expedition in the South China Sea. All fishing gear provided and there are beds on the boat. You will be accompanied by a professional fishing guide.

Duration: overnight.

Food and Cooking

This package is designed for food lovers! It will take you to local markets to learn about the sometimes unusual ingredients that are used in Sarawak cuisine and to purchase what is needed to cook your own lunch. The menu will include a number of dishes depending on the seasonal produce available, and you will be guided through the cooking techniques in a family kitchen. Selamat makan – enjoy your delicious lunch and take home the recipes.


Kubah National Park is renowned for it’s natural frog pond where 61 species of frogs live. In 2012 a new frog species was discovered there, and it also boasts the smallest species of frog in the world! We are sure that you will enjoy this exceptional frog wonderland.

This is an evening tour conducted by a Park Guide who is a frog specialist.

Duration: 6.30pm-10pm


Our kayaking packages are suitable for beginners and children and are a lot of fun. Enjoy paddling through the rainforest canopies, visit some kampung villages along the way, discover local flora growing wild on the river banks, including the famous pitcher plant. Stop at a natural sandy bank for a swim. A picnic lunch is included.

Duration: as requested, up to 6 hours (includes road transport to the river).

Easy Rider Motor Bike Touring

This package is for the inner biker who wants to experience the thrill and the freedom of a serious motor bike! Short rides can be taken to visit the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre or to the Sarawak Cultural Village at Damai. Longer rides out of Kuching for a half day or full day adventure can be planned for an exhilarating biking tour.

All bikes are driven by experienced bikers who will ensure your safety and security as a passenger.


Whether you are a beginner wanting to improve your skills, or more experienced and wanting to focus on a particular genre – food, people, architecture, nature, wildlife, or a combination of all of these wonderful images that are uniquely Sarawak – we can connect you with a professional photographer to give you a truly special photographic experience. Sarawak is a stunning location for lots of photogenic opportunities and you will be sure to develop creative genius in capturing the soul of Borneo.

Duration: as requested.

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