Iban Longhouse


The Ibans (or Sea Dayaks) migrated by boat from Kalimantan in the 16th century and built their longhouses on rivers. Initially they clashed constantly with the locals and there are many bloody battles recorded. They became fierce headhunters, believing that the more heads they displayed in their longhouses, the more feared they would be and so less likely to be attacked. Today they are extremely hospitable and love to share their culture, performing their music, traditional dances and games, demonstrating their weaving, fishing and blow-pipe hunting techniques.

We offer two Packages to Iban longhouses located on the Lemanak River or at Batang Ai.

Package 1 :

2D/1N including all meals from RM 1,200 Per Adult / RM 850 Per Child

Depart your hotel at 8am.

On route to the longhouse, you will visit the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre for the morning feed.

You will then continue on to the Serian Market where you can purchase some food supplies for the longhouse and enjoy exploring this traditional jungle market.

From Serian you will go on to the small village of Lachau for lunch.
On arriving at the river jetty you will be met by a boat from your longhouse. It is a peaceful and relaxing one hour glide down the river to the longhouse community. You will receive a friendly welcome and it is traditional to accept a glass of tuak rice wine from your hosts. The Iban will encourage you to join in with any of the communal activities, and during the evening there will be games and dancing.

Departure the following morning will be at 10am.

Package 2:

3D/2N including all meals from RM 1,500 Per Adult / RM 1,050 Per Child

Same as Package 1 with the addition of short jungle treks from the longhouse, or a long hike if your level of fitness is adequate.

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