Mulu National Park


Mulu was listed as a World Heritage site in 2000, meeting all four criteria for this status:

  • It provides an outstanding example of Earth’s history and geological features;
  • It is an outstanding example of significant ecological and biological processes;
  • It provides superlative natural phenomena and exceptional natural beauty;
  • It provides conservation in natural habitats for it’s extensive range and outstanding species of biodiversity.

Mulu is the largest National Park in Sarawak. It is not accessible by road. You can only fly into Mulu from Kuching or Miri or Kota Kinabalu.

There are many trails through Mulu, some unguided but most requiring a guide. Some of the most popular trails are the Botanic Trail with information provided about Mulu’s plant species; the Paku Waterfall Walk (2-3 hours); the Deer & Lang Cave and the Canopy Skywalk 10-30 meters above the floor of the forest. Other trails are accessible after taking a longboat along the river, such as the Clearwater Cave and the Wind Cave and there are also overnight options.

The Pinnacles is a guided only adventure activity that requires a high level of fitness.

Adventure Caving activities cover a range of abilities. The Lagangs Cave is a beginner/intermediate level, duration is 3-4 hours. The Racer Cave, Drunken Forest Cave, Kenyalang Cave/Fruitbat Cave and Stonehorse Cave are all Intermediate level. There are other tours available specifically for advanced cavers.

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