Wind Cave & Fairy Cave


The Wind Cave Nature Reserve is located 50 km from Kuching and is part of what is known as the Bau Formation where many caves are found.

The Wind Cave is a tubular limestone cave formed 60 million years ago, and named because of the cool wind that blows through it. The planked boardwalk makes it easy to traverse, and there are many stalactites and stalagmite formations along the passage. The cave opens out onto a hillside where you can walk down to a sandy beach on the bank of a tributary of the Sarawak River. There is a picnic area and change rooms so it is possible to have a swim.

The Fairy Cave is located 5 km south of the Wind Cave. It is an extremely large cave located 30 metres above the ground on the side of a cliff with spectacular views both within the cave and looking out over the surrounding Nature Reserve. Accessed by stairs, many of the cave formations inside resemble the appearance of fairies.

*Guests are advised to wear anti-slip shoes*

Package 1

Hotel pick up at your convenience for either a morning or an afternoon tour.

RM 120 pp / RM 65 Child

Duration: 4 hours

Package 2

Available on weekends only, Package 1 can be combined with a visit to the Serikin Border Market. The combined tour takes 6 hours. Check out our Serikin Border Market package here.

RM 180.00 pp / RM 100 Child

Duration: 6 hours

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