Jong’s Crocodile Farm – 2 / 3 hours


Jong Sian Ken started collecting crocodiles as a hobby, and became so interested in this reptile that he decided to try to breed them. For many years he and his sons studied the breeding habits of the river crocodiles in order to establish a successful breeding program. His second son, Johnson, invented his own crocodile incubator. Jong’s farm now has 500 crocodiles for breeding, and many of the off-spring are exported overseas. The Jong family continues to work passionately both towards a greater education about crocodiles and for the conservation of the species.

The skull of Sarawak’s most notorious killer crocodile is a special display feature at the farm. Named Bujang Senang (Easy Bachelor), this enormous crocodile was responsible for numerous deaths along the Batang Lupar, one of Sarawak’s great rivers.

The farm is located 29 km from Kuching on 25 acres. There are also other animals to view: bear cats, porcupines, deer, civet cats, flying fox, sun bears, and a variety of birds.

The crocodiles get fed at 11:00am and 3pm, while the giant Arapaima fish have their feeding times at 11:30 am & 3:30pm.

Package 1

Available with two departure times from your hotel: 0830am or 1330pm.  This tour includes the entrance tickets and return transfer.

RM 100 per person
RM  70 per child

Package 2

Combined with a visit to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, resulting in a half day tour.

RM 160 per person
RM 115 per child

Duration: 5 hours

Package 3

Combined with a visit to Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse, resulting in a half day tour.

RM 160 per person
RM 115 per child

Duration: 5 hours

Package 4

Combined with visits to both the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre and Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse, resulting in a full day tour, including local lunch.

RM 250 per person
RM 180 per child

Duration : 7 hours

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