Bidayuh Longhouse


The Bidayuhs (or Land Dayaks) preferred to build their longhouses on the side of hills, living an isolated existence to the south of Kuching along Sarawak’s mountainous border with Kalimantan. They used to be headhunters and their longhouses always had a head-house where enemy’s heads were kept and where the men performed their rituals.

We offer three Package Tours to the largest remaining Bidayuh settlement at the Annah Rais longhouse.

Package 1

Depart your hotel at 9am for a half-day guided tour. The drive to Annah Rais will take about one hour and you will return to your hotel by lunch time.

RM 100 pp / RM 60 Child

Duration: 4 hours

Package 2

Combine with a visit to the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre for the morning feed. Depart your hotel at 8am.

RM 160 pp / RM 120 Child

Duration : 5 hours

Package 3

Combine with a visit to Jong’s Crocodile Farm either before or after visiting Annah Rais.

RM 160 pp / RM 120 Child

Duration : 5 hours

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